Alison with Fritz and Emma, 2002

our non-human comrades


Both Alison and John grew up around pets of various species. Here's a loosely chronological album of the animal buddies we've had since we've been together.

John and Trash, 1975

Trashman (1969-1981)

John and Trash on the Pacific coast, summer 1975.


kitten Alexis and John, 1982

Alexis (1982-2001)

John and Alexis kitten on a berry-picking expedition in Glen Park, San Francisco, late summer 1982.

her royal highness Alexis, 1990

Alexis is shown here in her basket atop the redwood chest in the living room of our flat in Oakland. It had the advantage of a commanding view of the flat, plus proximity to the space heater.


Blizzard in Oakland, 1988

Blizzard (1986-1991)

Blizzard decorating the front stairs to our Oakland flat, ca. 1988.