Chessie kitten, 1990

Chessie (1990-2002)

Chessie kitten in our Oakland living room, summer 1990.

Chessie in sunbeam, 2002

Chessie in her morning sunbeam bliss, spring 2002.


Mr. Grey on the back stairs, 1989

Mr. Grey ( ? - ? )

Frequent feral visitor Mr. Grey, on our Oakland back stairs, ca. 1989.



Roxie the raccoon ( ? - ? )

Roxie exploring our Oakland back yard, summer 1996.


Chessie, Alexis, and Blizzard

Our three cats in the fall of 1990, on the back stairs in Oakland. Chessie kitten in the foreground, with Alexis on the stairs to the left, and Blizzard on the right.