Fritz and Hans, 1991

Fritz (1991-2006)

Fritz and Hans, the Katzenjammer Kits, in our Oakland living room, summer 1991.

Fritz in Oakland, 2000

Fritz in our Oakland flat, 2000.


Emma at the back door, 2002

Emma (2002 - 2013)

Emma ca. 10 weeks: right, at our Sacramento back door, and below right, on John's lap. Below left, Emma ca. 5 weeks, showing no mercy to a plastic bottlecap.


Emma attacking a bottlecap, 2002 Emma on John's lap, 2002

We had some chuckles over a box of kleenex with a kitschy picture of little kittens in the flowers, watching butterflies. Alison took the photo, below left, in imitation of the kleenex box. In actuality, Emma is hunting bugs; should she see a butterfly, she will catch and eat it. Below right, Emma snoozes on John's neck. Emma was about four months old in these photos.

Emma hiding in the plants, 2002 Emma sleeping on John's neck, 2002
Emma on the back patio, 2013

One of Emma's favorite activities was lying on our back patio, watching the birds and squirrels.