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Uncle John's Virtual Band

My name is John Kwasnik. I live in northern California with my wife Alison and our cats. Now retired, I formerly worked for the State of California, in IT support. In my free time, my avocations are many and varied. I've been diddling around with computers for some time now, and with music for even longer. I discovered MIDI music in 1995, and that got me hooked.

Musically, my interests lie all over the map ... but tending toward the obscure, and away from mainstream commercial media. You can get a rough idea from the pieces listed here: folk, world music, and early classical music (I like jazz, too, but don't know enough harmony theory to attempt MIDI sequences in that genre).

By 2004, I lost interest in creating more MIDI music. My job had me in front of a computer all day long, and I wanted to do something else in my evenings and weekends. Since 2007, I've gone back to realtime playing: Hawaiian-style slack key guitar (the style of most of the soundtrack of the movie The Descendants). Please check my slack key Google Site for some slack key instrumentals.

Image adapted from the work of Jose Carlos Norte on Flickr