the Grand Canyon

First stop was the Grand Canyon South Rim. Since we didn't have time for a trip down into the canyon, all we could do was hike around the rim and look down on the magnificent geology.

Alison with Joshua Tree

At a highway rest stop in the Mojave Desert in southern California. Alison stands under a Joshua tree, common in this part of the world.

Below are some canyon views.

canyon view canyon view
canyon view Alison on the rim
old juniper

An old juniper stands near the rim, weathered into a kind of natural bonsai shape.

Below are some more canyon views.

John on the rim local flora on the rim

On our last night at the Grand Canyon, we caught sunset at Yavapai Point. Because the moon was nearly full, we also caught moonrise in the East. We stayed for a couple of hours to watch the play of moonlight and moonshadow on the canyon. Being the photographers that we are, it's probably a good thing that our camera couldn't capture moonlight.

John with Vermillion Cliffs

John takes a break from driving. From the plateau that forms the North Rim, with the Vermillion Cliffs to the North in the distance. We are heading to our next stop, Zion National Park.