Grover Hot Springs State Park

John's fire

After a few days at Wrights Lake, we move camp to Grover Hot Springs State Park. This is about an hour southeast, just over the summit on the east slope of the Sierra.

Here John proudly poses with his one-match campfire.

Alison in the hot spring pool

The hot spring itself is a bubbling mudhole of volcano juice in the middle of a meadow in the park. The hot mineral-rich waters are piped into a pool, and diluted with cold water to a toasty 104 degrees. There is a cold pool alongside, so one can jolt one's circulation by jumping back and forth between the pools.

Alison waves in the background from the hot pool.

Alison in the meadow

While this state park is not nearly as beautiful as Wrights Lake, there is still much mountain beauty here. Alison contemplates the Sierra to the west, from the meadow in the middle of the park.